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Breakthrough Comprehensive Testosterone Support

Features a premier combination of Maca, Ursolic Acid, Horny Goat Weed and Androstenolone to support increased testosterone.

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Royal Sport Test is the new face of testosterone support, featuring NEW ingredients to take your natural testosterone to royal heights. Royal Sport Test utilizes a revolutionary blend that combines Maca, Ursolic Acid, Horny Goat Weed, and Androstenolone to keep the body’s natural testosterone at it’s maximum level. By using new and different ingredients, Royal Sport Test keeps your body one step ahead, and will raise your results to a new standard.

Unlike most testosterone products on the shelf, Test also features a protective Shield Matrix anchored by DIM and Saw Palmetto to address estrogen and prostate health.*

Tribulus is a highly revered, common ingredient in testoerone products, sure, but does it really need to be in practically every test booster? How are you ever supposed to cycle off Trib to maximize your body’s responsiveness to the ingredient if it’s every product?

Royal Sport Test is a tribulus-free, breakthrough testosterone product that features a potent combination of Maca, Ursolic Acid, Horny Goat Weed and Androstenolone to help take your natural testosterone levels to royal heights!*

Maca Root has been taken for thousands of years to support increased testosterone, libido and strength.

Ursolic Acid, a naturally occurring compound found in rosemary, is a promising body recompositioning agent. Ursolic Acid helps promote muscle building while supporting increased fat loss and may help reduce DHT levels.*

As a familiar ingredient for male health, horny goat weed is taken to support natural testosterone levels, libido and drive.*

Androstenolone plays an integral role in the body's natural production of testosterone. It promotes the improvement of cholesterol, muscle building and fat loss.* Androstenolone is a potent anti-aging ingredient as it helps support metabolism and increased libido.*

Shield Matrix

Royal TEST provides a full-spectrum blend to support the body while testosterone levels are increasing. The SHIELD MATRIX includes DIM and Saw Palmetto, which support the reduction of estrogen levels, maintains prostate health, and eliminates the need for additional estrogen suppression products.*

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